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Look at the Great Things People Are Saying About Rainbow Math!!

FOR PARENTS:                                                                                                          FOR EDUCATORS:

"My son and I love playing Rainbow Math 3, Pirate Adventure, together.  He enjoys rolling the dice and solving a different math problem every time. 
I appreciate that the game has the flexibility to meet him at his level - now addition and subtraction - but also to challenge him further.  We did a multiplication "bonus round" after he won the addition and subtraction round. 
Rainbow Math allows my son to feel successful and excited about math.  And it gives us an opportunity to spend time together.  What could be better?"

 ~ Michele P.

"The game is AMAZING!! I am so impressed.  We've played 3 times already, and each time using a different combination of dice - it's like a brand new game!"
                                                                                 ~ Holly

"Son: Mom, do you want to play a board game?
 Mom: I'd love to play a board game.
 Mom: What were you thinking?
 Son: Rainbow Math
 Mom: I'd love to play Rainbow Math. You know, you
          need a newer edition.

And so, Operation, Sorry, Hungry Hungry Hippo, Battleship, etc., Rainbow Math wins out everytime :)

Can you please send me the next edition for 7+?"

                                               ~ Mrs. Bingaman

"I thought you'd like to know that my son loves the game!! He 'played' it by himself when we first got home, and then we played together. He said it's awesome! The colors are vivid and there are so many variations to the game!"
                                                ~ Karla

"If you are a mom, an elementary teacher, or a parent who home schools preschool or elementary age children, you've got to check this out!
   I am definitely buying the 2nd one in the series (addition and subtraction) so I can do some hands on practice with my son this summer.
   This is a great interactive game for all children, but especially for my son who doesn't do well with sitting down and completing pencil and paper exercises."

~ Suzanne

"Great idea!  I haven't seen anything like it!"
                                                                                         ~ Sara


"A student gave me a Rainbow Math 3: Pirate Adventure Game as a gift for our math enrichment program. I wanted to share that as a parent and a teacher, I have been unable to find a game that is able to reach such a diverse group of learners. That is until I used your game with my students.
   I am planning for next year and the ideas for using this resource, at differentiated levels, with all types of learners in grades K-5 are endless. Your game will provide my students with a fun learning experience that will boost confidence and strengthen concepts and skills in math.
   I am so pleased that my student shared your game with me. I look forward to using it next year.
   Thank you for creating and marketing such a valuable math learning resource!"

Ms. Fairchild ~ Math Intervention Coach

LOVED the games so much that I gave one to my favorite kindergarten ABA teacher and will be buying a new one soon!
~ Lisa, Speech Pathologist

"We love your Math game!  Thank you for helping us learn math.  We like the rainbow colors and what you have written inside the boxes.  They keep the game exciting every day!"

~ Ms. Squire's Class

I am a special education teacher and love this concept.  I see this working in school, home, daycare and in the homeschooling environment."

                             ~ Susan, Special Education Teacher

"How do you start your morning? In kindergarten we start with Rainbow Math and counting to 100!"

                                                         ~ Caroline, Teacher

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