Don't let your child be a grouchy dog...
...make learning fun!
Special Needs

Rainbow Math® is specifically designed to help kids of all abilities learn math and have fun while doing it!  Each level includes a variety of sturdy wooden pieces to allow for flexible play and easy movement along the board.  The rules are easy to follow and allow kids to be creative.  Each time they play, the game feels new and exciting.  Rainbow Math® supports the Common Core and other standards of learning as well as Individual Education Plans.  Rainbow Math® is a great tool to teach new skills or reinforce old ones.

And, the best part is that kids of different ages and skill levels can play together! 

Rainbow Math® was reviewed by the National Lekotek Center and was rated as AblePlay for its suitable for all children

For more information about the National Lekotek Center, visit their website at  And, to learn more about the AblePlay rating for Rainbow Math®, visit
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