Don't let your child be a grouchy dog...
...make learning fun!
My Story

In 1993, while teaching at the Ivymount School in Rockville, MD, I met Tommy, a student with special needs who helped me create the original Rainbow Math® game.  He's also the inspiration for my leprechaun.  One afternoon I asked him how I could help him learn math skills more easily and he replied, “Make it fun!”  I immediately pulled out a 100s board (see the board for Rainbow Math 3 on my Products page), colored it with the colors of the rainbow, then added some game play to make it more exciting.  The next day, all my students were playing and having a great time learning.  It was an effective tool to teach new skills as well as reinforce old ones. 

I discovered that I could teach different skills to students with various needs at the same time.  By selecting a few of the many cubes in the game, I could have one student learn subtraction while another learned to recognize numbers.  Or, even better, I let my students choose.  They loved it!

While teaching, in both public and private schools, I listened to the feedback from students, teachers, and parents who played the game at home (believe it or not, my students actually borrowed the game to play at home). In 2000 I started my family and played Rainbow Math® with my children; they learned many math skills before starting school, and they didn’t even know it!  We were just having fun.  

In 2008, my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. Before she died, she asked that I market my game. My mom passed away in July 2008, and I created Grouchy Dog®, LLC in September 2008. 

I tested and developed the game by asking parents, teachers, and homeschoolers to play the game and provide ideas to improve it.  I attended trade shows to get feedback from industry experts, consumers, and retailers.  As a result, the Rainbow Math® concept evolved into a series of games. 

I should mention that in 1993, the same year I met Tommy and Rainbow Math® was created, my father passed away from complications related to Alzheimer’s disease.  To honor my parents, Tommy and my other students, and families who have lost loved ones to cancer, I have dedicated each game in the Rainbow Math® series to various charities. Please visit my Products page for more detailed information.

How did Grouchy Dog®, LLC get its name?  When any of my students began grumbling during academic time, I used to say, "Stop being such a grouchy dog.  Learning is fun!"  From that I developed my company motto, "Don't let your child be a grouchy dog... make learning fun!”

Grouchy Dog, LLC

Look how Rainbow Math has changed!

The original game...                      ... is now RM 3.

  The prototype box...                       ...redesigned. Wow!

Attending trade shows to get more feedback.

In Chicago Nov 2011        In Baltimore June 2012
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