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Learning Math is Fun for Everyone!!!

Have Fun With Rainbow Math®

Whether you are having a family game night at home, you home school your children, or teach in the classroom, Rainbow Math® will make learning math fun for everyone! 

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What People Are Saying About Rainbow Math:

"My Kids love Rainbow Math 1!  My two girls and I would play together, but now they play together by themselves with their own rules.  It was great to see them put away their iPads and choose to play the game instead.
   It’s fun, educational and easy to look after, which is everything I could ask for in a game.  My daughter loves the game so much that it has a place next to her bed!
   We will definitely be moving on with Rainbow Math 2!"
Kristen ~ a Mom

"When you play Rainbow Math you have the experience of getting better at multiplication, division, addition and subtraction.  It's really fun because the higher numbers will get you to the treasure faster."

Gabe M. ~ 1st Grader, Age 

Who Is Grouchy Dog?

Grouchy Dog® is a small, woman-owned company created by an educator and a mom to help teachers and parents by developing educational games that engage and entertain all who play.

It is hard to believe that it all began in 1993 with the board below made out of construction paper and markers!  Creating Grouchy Dog®, LLC and developing Rainbow Math® has been quite an adventure - that's for sure! 

Thank you to Tommy, my other students, my co-teacher Mary, and all my friends and family who helped me during the process.  I could not have done this without you!

My Story to learn more.

Let The Fun Begin!

At Grouchy Dog®, we make learning fun!  If you are looking for an exciting way to teach your children and play at the same time, then learn more about How to Play Rainbow Math.



"Fun.  It helped with math skills quickly and within the space of one game.  Easy to learn and finish.  I liked that different ages could play at the same time."

Mike ~ Dad

"I am a special education teacher and love this concept.  I see this working in school, home, daycare and in the homeschooling environment."

Susan ~ Special Education Teacher

To find out what more people are saying about Rainbow Math®, see our other Testimonials.

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